the social network family :)

here’s comes the Halloween and as usual the edralin family is again cramming up with what to ‘wear’. I wanted something unique but i couldn’t find anything online and I didn’t have the time and energy to go buying and choosing what to get for the kids …and me…and Moses. It took me a couple days to decide i’m not gonna do anything fancy- maybe Vincent can just be another hero like every kid in town and Austria be another princess or fairy. A day before Halloween, I was updating my blog and correcting my ‘follow me’ widgets when a light bulb went off my head. We’re all gonna be logos of the social network! I have styrofoams and paint already from a previous project so I went ahead and made it. Though i didn’t have much time, i enjoyed making it and finished it the night before the Halloween. People loved it so i guess it was a success!DSCF3174DSCF3179               DSCF3176

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