donation is on its way!


My son and his friends helped fold and organize the donated clothes.

Our church, Metro LA Church of Christ had a donation drive in the past 2 weeks for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The members generously gave their used clothes, shoes, blankets and canned goods. It was very encouraging to see our little ones help sort, fold and organize the relief.

Several of the campus people also helped pack what is sorted. The whole experience is very uplifting seeing different people come together to support the victims. I personally had so much fun organizing. Several of the clothing and items donated are either cool, funny, funky or yukky. I saw a couple of wigs being donated! Oh yes :)…One of the best trick I’ve learned in packing is having a quality packing tape. They hold the box together especially for the heavy ones.   1465230_10152085360736563_1883222440_nAfter all the packing, we had 24 big boxes in all!…Then we headed to the LBC Cargo Warehouse in Gardena to drop off the boxes which is very close to our church building. LBC is a Philippine shipping company and they have agreed to ship our donations for free! It was also refreshing to see there are hundreds of donations waiting to be shipped.

Our local church is affiliated to the International Churches of Christ (ICOC). If you wish to give monetary donation, you may give to Hope Worldwide, our church’s benevolent arm.

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