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I’ve learned how to make backdrops in the 90′s. I started helping out some of my friends for a huge event covering tiny styrofoam pieces to create a globe. This is when I discovered the flexibility of the material and the amazing things you can do with it. It is a very light material, paint sticks easily and dries fast as well. I will feature some of them as I update this page and provide a how to make a backdrop out of styrofoam. .

Backdrop I made for the Metro LA church lobby.

Backdrop I made for the Metro LA church lobby.

The backdrop on the photo was made for the Metro LA church of Christ. I have been attending this church for the past 7 years and it has been a wonderful journey. Every year, the church comes up with a theme and they thought of focusing on the faith of our fathers in the bible. I thought of making a wall from the ruins of Jeruzalem. I wanted to symbolize their faith that it is indestructible even if they went through so many trials. This backdrop is made of 3 pieces 4′x8′x1″ styrofoam. I cut the edges using a large blade cutter to form a fortified wall. I painted it with a base paint and highlighted the cracks and painted it like a real stone brick. To add some 3D effect, I covered several boxes and painted them as well to look like a rubble of stone brick. I cut the letters using the same material and glued them to the wall. All the materials I used were bought at Home Depot.  

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