my son’s school cafeteria

One of the things i love to do is painting murals. When the principal of my son’s school asked me to paint the walls of the school cafeteria, i said yes right away. After learning how to use large paint on backdrops, i develop the skill to make my inspirations in a bigger scale. For this mural, I painted a whimsical garden and skies since this is a children’s cafeteria. The fruit and vegetable garden idea is to encourage children to eat more of it during meal time. I also included several butterflies because the cafeteria is privately run by a company called Butterfly Cafe. :)

Blue Butterfly cafe of Richmond Street School

Blue Butterfly cafe of Richmond Street School

Creating a mural can be tricky because you need to estimate your wall measurement. For this mural I used regular Behr acrylic paint with base from Home Depot. I also used mural colored pens I ordered online to feature more detail of the vegetables and butterflies. I had so much fun!

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