In order to make a bedroom loved by the kids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. By applying cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas, you can get a room that makes the children feel happy, comfortable and ease playing or sleeping in their own room. What should we do?

1. The first step is determining the theme! Make sure the theme can be combined with accessories that aren’t too expensive and can be changed at any time, especially when the kids grow up. You can decorate a room with a mural.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

2. In order to make the theme can be fused, cover the wall with a new color. Give a touch of new paint. It’s part of kids bedroom decorating ideas which is simple and doesn’t need a lot of money.%nbsp:

3. Decorate the room with inexpensive accessories such as stickers or posters. Stick it at some point in the room such as doors, walls, wardrobe or bed.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

4. Rugs area can add beauty to children’s bedroom. You don’t need to buy a new and expensive one. Buy carpet remnants which available at some home improvement warehouse stores.

5. In addition to stickers or posters, decorate the room with picture frames and put paint or photo made by children.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

6. Change the bedding and curtains. Choose similar colors or themes that give the new look impression.

That’s six things about cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas. Make a plan first so your spending can be controlled!


my simple holiday decorations

I used to decorate my home with a lot of coordinated ornaments. I had bins of garlands, lights and tons of Christmas balls. I had matching holiday throw pillow covers and dining table mantel. A couple of years ago, I became more aware that creating great family memories does not come from having a festive and elaborately decorated environment but from meaningful relationships. I’m on my second year of having simple holiday decoration. So to have some festive feel, I spread simple decorations throughout the house.  photo (1) I used 2 tone balls which I had years ago and displayed them on a vase I also    have. I placed it as a coffee table centerpiece.

conesI walk my kids to school and on my way back I often see pine cones on my path or the curb so I started collecting them. I displayed them on my clear glass bowl.

photo (5)        I have a black and white fireplace and I wanted minimal colors that goes with my mantel so I bought a silver and red glittered covered cones and a small ornament from a 99 cents store.

photo (3)photo (6)photo (2)photo (4)

a minimalist Thanksgiving table center pieces

Here comes Thanksgiving dinner. Almost everyone is preparing the same meal, Turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie, corn bread and all. Most homes are also decorated with the same theme, fake or silk maple leaves and other fake ornaments. The dining table is one area we decorate because it is the center of it all. This is where the family congregate and have a sumptuous meal together. This is where we entertain our guests. Of course we want our table set up to be inviting and pleasing to the eyes. Our tendency is to buy commercial  accessories and ornaments so we can have that Thanksgiving feel. interior-designing-minimalist-table-centerpiece-thanksgiving-decoration-with-nice-fresh-harvest-beautiful-thanksgiving-table-centerpiece-ideasWhat happens is our table set up looks like everyone else. You can choose to be different sometimes. Why not make your table set up look more realistic and rustic looking like how the first settlers thanksgiving were celebrated. There is nothing more natural than having real pumpkin on the table, colored corn on the cob with husks covering, assorted nuts and fruits on your table.     Corn-Thanksgiving-Centerpiece

funkified furniture

hello room! Okay, i’m not really into a lot of prints let alone prints with different colors but this suzani print chair and ottoman are just incredibly appealing!- I don’t want too many prints in a room but it doesn’t hurt to place a conversation piece that shakes up a neutral room. Watch the drama unfold!  Available at Graham and Green.           Untitled

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