In order to make a bedroom loved by the kids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. By applying cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas, you can get a room that makes the children feel happy, comfortable and ease playing or sleeping in their own room. What should we do?

1. The first step is determining the theme! Make sure the theme can be combined with accessories that aren’t too expensive and can be changed at any time, especially when the kids grow up. You can decorate a room with a mural.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

2. In order to make the theme can be fused, cover the wall with a new color. Give a touch of new paint. It’s part of kids bedroom decorating ideas which is simple and doesn’t need a lot of money.%nbsp:

3. Decorate the room with inexpensive accessories such as stickers or posters. Stick it at some point in the room such as doors, walls, wardrobe or bed.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

4. Rugs area can add beauty to children’s bedroom. You don’t need to buy a new and expensive one. Buy carpet remnants which available at some home improvement warehouse stores.

5. In addition to stickers or posters, decorate the room with picture frames and put paint or photo made by children.

cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas

6. Change the bedding and curtains. Choose similar colors or themes that give the new look impression.

That’s six things about cheap kids bedroom decorating ideas. Make a plan first so your spending can be controlled!


my black and white fireplace

The color palette of my fireplace used to be earthy; the wall was mustard yellow, the mantel in tobacco finish, the hearth and heading are all terracotta bricks. Looking at it for several years made me go insane. So I thought of having a ‘black and white’ concept for a change. I’ve always love this scheme because its not too complicated (for me). photo (10)

I used a black and white semi-gloss paint from Benjamin Moore, i bought the floor lamp, candle holders and art piece of Audrey Hepburn from Ikea. Some of the assorted frames came from garage sales and 99 cents! which i painted with white and some of the silver frames were bought at Bed bath and Beyond. My kids love birds so we bought a couple of parakeet and a black cage from Pet Smart. I purchased the coffee table and ottoman from Walmart. The fireplace accessory was on sale at Pier 1 so i bought it! Voila! my new fireplace :) Continue Reading →

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