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I’m Lorraine Gapuz Edralin, an interior designer by profession, blogger, art enthusiast and the founder of Insanely Divine. Launched officially in November 2013, the Insanely Divine blog covers my experiences and lessons in life, family journal, my relationship with my creator, my love for design, my interests in life, simple living and my passion for philanthropy. A new blog is added two times a week, and If the mood strikes you, you can find me on  FacebookTwitter, PinterestInstagram and my professional profile on Linkedin. 

I started my Facebook page in 2008 to give and receive the latest news with friends, family and everyone else. I soon found myself sharing just about everything –  my experiences, my drama, my family and my zest for life. So I decided to create a blog to journal, categorize my thoughts and the things I want to share.

Since this is an “about me” page, I will share things about me! :)  I was born and raised in the Philippines and the youngest of 7 siblings. I have been through some tragic and traumatic events that happened when I was 8 years old, and since then my life has never been the same. I felt like my soul left me. There were many times I wished I was never born. I managed to be ‘normal’ growing up and finished college with flying colors. I took up Fine Arts and majored in Interior Design working with several international design firms. I was at the height of my career until the traumatic events from my childhood past suddenly resurfaced.  I found myself consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to cope with difficulties or to avoid feeling bad and sad.

My life was going down the drain and I wanted to end the misery! I guess God must have heard my plea, sending an ‘angel’ to wake me up from the trance of feeling insignificant. The friend I met introduced me to studying the bible and I learned more about Christ. In a short period of time, I was baptized and embraced my new love of the faith I found. I slowly recovered from alcohol addiction. I acquired a zealous heart of being a disciple of Jesus, so I decided to leave my career and enter into the full-time church ministry helping other women, single adults, families and people in difficult circumstances.

In 1999, I was diagnosed with “Bipolar” disorder. What!? Oh yes, it was a shock in my life and system, but yet a relief that there was actually a name for the type of emotions that had plagued me for years. After the shock and relief, I felt angry and questioned God, why me?!…I battled with it head on with the guide of the Biblical scriptures and prescription medication to help me have an anchor to settle the roller coaster feelings I experienced.

I have had my share of drama every now and then, but who knows why God ended up blessing me with another “angel” who entered my life. A loving, understanding, best friend and a spiritual man who swept my heart away. His love was too much for me to resist, so after a year and ten months of dating, he proposed to me and I confidently said “Yes!” – three months later we were happily married. Overtime he experienced the ‘bipolar’ effect with me and if not for a supportive church family in our lives, we would have been a wreck. Exactly 2 years later, a new chapter was opened when I gave birth to my first born son. After giving birth I went through a moment of postpartum depression and it was a very scary and ugly ride. I had to wrestle and overcome the overwhelming, confusing thoughts and emotions I went through.

After my son’s first birthday, we moved to the United States and began a new chapter in our lives. I had to quickly re-adapt to my new culture and learn how to be “American.” With my new found confidence, I decided to launch an interior design studio with a business partner. It was an exhilarating time, but after four years and an economic recession at hand, God allowed me to give birth to my second child – a bouncing-beautiful baby girl. Before her second birthday we noticed some development issues and was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – a complex but common brain development disorder. I was tempted to question God’s plan and why He would do this to us, but I learned to submit to his sovereignty and be surrendered. So another new chapter of our lives began. We embraced everything about my daughter’s special needs and now I am proud to be her spokesperson, her advocate and her biggest fan. I’m blessed to have my family work as a unified team to be my backbone in all my endeavors, from my loving-supportive husband to my spunky-smart-animated-wonderful son who has been a great big-brother.

Since my daughter’s needs have become my priority, I chose to leave my partnership with the studio design business and stay home to care for her needs. It has been a crazy and yet fulfilling journey with her and our family. I still have my own share of drama having to deal with my own bipolar disorder, but I am blessed with a faithful man who has stood by me, supported and loved me through all my craziness. He has embraced my “beautiful mind!” With my family and devoted friends, I am able to enjoy the beautiful and simple things in life.

I had to search for new avenues as well to help me deal with my roller coaster behavior and calm the monkey circus inside my head! This led me to start a plant based food diet, practicing yoga and meditation. I also developed a love of running and fitness. While in the middle of all the craziness in my life, I continue to practice my design business at home. God’s gift of being creative is keeping me sane! You can read more about my previous work and my latest design projects under my studio menu. 

Everyone is welcome to this page regardless of their background or beliefs. If you can relate with me and my experiences, then welcome to my world! The mission of my blog is to share my colorful journey and to try to laugh and enjoy the unpleasant things of life. This is a place where I tell it like it is, no sugar coating…

My goal is to share how amazing God is and the life He gave – that no matter what you’ve gone through or what you are going through, you can find beauty, healing and peace. Connect with me, share your laughter and tears as I share mine. Sometimes life does not cooperate, but in reality life is INSANELY DIVINE!


my husband Moses, my son Vincent (9) and my daughter Austria (5)..

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  1. Thank you for sharing your life and heart…inspirited and encouraged. God loves his children and strengthens us through all lifes adventures.

  2. Thanks be to God… one of our amazing sisters in Christ… referred me to you. I am inspired to my core. Looking forward to how God enhances my arrival “here”.

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