how to create an art/collage journal

An Art Journal is basically a diary that chronicles the ideas, memories, and thoughts of an individual. Pages or collages within an art journal include words, pictures and even embellishments. You can start doing these quick collages in a daily basis. Art journals or collages are also called “morning pages” as described in The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. Art collages is more visual version of your daily emotions, vision and aspirations.

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Allow yourself half an hour for the collage process, but sometimes go back several times throughout the day to add things until you are pleased with it. It all starts with the determination that, whether it’s good art or not, there will be a collage when you are finished!

Just work on the pages in a spiral-bound sketchbook, just as they are. You may paste 2 pages if needed to support heavily embellished collages here & there.Leave few pages for writing then allow two or three pages that are left blank for collage. That forces you to avoid having an all-text journal. In an average journal, you may save five to ten pages to use for painted, ornate or heavy collages.

Use any gesso that’s cheap, from the fine art supplies section of Michael’s or any art supply store. Gesso makes the paper stronger, so it doesn’t suck up the glue or paint so much, and it has “tooth” to grab whatever I apply to it. I buy cheap white gesso. Yes, you can buy it in colors, but if you start with white, you can add color to it (in small batches) with watercolors (including Dr. Ph. Martins), acrylics, even food coloring or unsweetened KoolAid if you like! You may use black gesso for art journal pages on which you’ll stamp text in white, or use a white gel journal2-smaller

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