present at all times

My mind used to wander whenever I’m speaking to someone else. Half of the time I’m listening and the other half, i’m thinking of something else either the next words i’d say or what’s gonna be my schedule for the day¬†or thinking about running some errands. My bipolar mind is running 100 miles per hour. Same way when i’m on the phone with someone. Oftentimes, i’m doing something else. I don’t realize that I do that to my kids sometimes. I know being a mom, I can’t avoid spinning ten plates at the same time. I fall into divided attention. I soon realized that it’s really disrespectful when I do that to others. Not only that my brain gets harassed, my body tense too. So i finally decided to stop speeding in life and control my thoughts and behavior more. It took me awhile to train myself to be ‘present’ at all times so I can focus on what’s happening at that moment. I’m not all there so I try my best to meditate as often as I can so I can give my undivided attention to other people and my family who are the most important people in my life.

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