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I was so thrilled when a local museum in my city opened it’s doors last March. The El Segundo Museum of Art is an “Art Laboratory” located in the city of El SegundoCalifornia, run by Brian and Eva Sweeney’s non-profit artlab21 Foundation.

ESMoA was originally planned as a space to privately store part of the Sweeney’s collection, but at the suggestion of former El Segundo Mayor Eric Busch, ESMoA was created as a place where the public could view the couple’s works as well as exhibits curated by Bernhard Zünkeler. It also contains space for an artist-in-residence program, and ESMoA is available to educational institutions Monday through Thursday.

Since the founders and curator see ESMoA as more of an art lab than a traditional museum, it holds four experiences (i.e., exhibits) each year that include paintings, sculptures and video/digital works from various time periods and regions. Each experience is built around a question or theme that will allow viewers to create their own connections and interpretations.

To know more about the making of the Art Laboratory, watch the video ESMoA, art laboratory in El Segundo California.

Objectified Header Image

“Do the living spaces that surround us own us or do we own them? There seems to be a sort of cohesive relationship built between animate and inanimate objects in the home” – Trina Merry During this one-day installation called Objectified, fine art body painter Trina Merry posed these questions and allowed viewers to come […]

Truth Header Picture

Truth and authenticity belong to the core values of every western society. It is a precious treasure, but truth seems to be hard to find these days. Where do you get it? Where do you see it ? Do you want to see it in yourself? Are you afraid of seeing your counterfeit in the mirror? Is it easier to see it in other people? Do you recognize the beauty? Does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder? Do lies have short legs? With “Nuda veritas” or naked truth Gustav Klimt was able to shock his contemporaries, in ESMoA’s new experience every-body can decide for himself, how close nakedness gets to the truth over the last centuries. [...]

Anti Ark Header Picture

Anti-Ark consisted in an oceanfront display of works by German artist Michael Sistig that draw attention to the significant issues of sustainability in a very public manner. The public installation was based upon three paintings created by Sistig over the past five years. A combination of conundrums – that is, the containers, the polar bear, […]

DESIRE Header Picture

ESMoA-Experience 1: Who isn’t driven by Desire? Without question, it is one of the strongest sources of motivation. It is not, however, a word most of us would plug into Google in hopes of bringing up images of landscape, nature and sustainability. Yet with its opening experience, ESMoA is doing exactly that! Assembling a bizarre […]

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